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Poinsettia Swarovski Bear
EAN 681103

This charming silver mohair bear is the fourth in the series of Swarovski Teddies from Steiff. Standing 10 inches, the Swarovski Poinsettia bear is an all new 5 way jointed design with a slightly tilted head, giving the handsome bear a gentle appearance. The Swarovski ornament, a two-toned poinsettia, is a new design for 2007. Part of the Fall 2007 Steiff Collection.

Antique Road Show

This 12" Steiff teddy is inspired by an “Antiques Roadshow” find which fetched a fivefigure appraisal! Known as a "Teddy Baby," this distinctive style is one of the most beloved Steiff designs ever. Introduced in 1930, it was an instant hit because of its child-like features. Our 2007 version has been lightly distressed to give it an antique appearance - just like the original that appeared on television. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.

Ernst and Elsa

They may differ in size, but these two Teddies share so much in common! Based on a real pair of Steiff Teddies that spent nearly eight decades together, 26" Ernst and Elsa will always be faithful companions. The originals were sold at auction (as a pair, of course) in 2005 for a princely sum by a major London auction house. This antique couple features delicate airbrushing and careful trimming to give each bear a slightly aged look. To ensure that Ernst and Elsa are never separated, Elsa is kept in a velvet pouch worn around Ernst’s neck. Your collection simply would not be complete without this charming pair. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.


20" Melanie is a colorful character from the roaring 20’s. She is the first Steiff bear to ever be produced in this distinctive yellow-gold colored mohair. With her enchanting brown glass eyes and her customdyed, sun-colored coat, Melanie will occupy a special place in your Steiff collection. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.


Presenting the first completely poseable Steiff Teddy bear ever! Originally designed as part of a window display for a German department store in the 1920’s, only one prototype of Rudi was ever produced. In addition to being five-way jointed, 20" Rudi was fitted with wired arms and legs – allowing him to assume all sorts of comical poses! Eight decades after his creation, this ground-breaking bear makes his debut as a North American Limited Edition for 2007. This “flexible friend” is truly a must have for your collection. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.

Sound of Music

Celebrate your love for “The Sound of Music” with this gorgeous 13" commemorative Steiff Teddy. This traditional style mohair bear features a music box that plays the legendary theme from the film. Made of the finest German mohair, she is wearing a precious porcelain medallion around her neck. This special medal is imprinted with advertising artwork from the film’s original release. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.


At the 2006 Steiff Festival in Giengen (home of the legendary Steiff factory), a gorgeous 13" antique bear named “Oskar” was the talk of the town. With his perfect profile and five-figure price tag, everyone wondered which lucky collector would take Oskar home. Not surprisingly, this beautiful off-white colored bear was quickly adopted for an exclusive private collection – but not before we were able to take photos and measurements to use in creating a faithful reproduction of this coveted bear. Our version of Oskar perfectly captures his dignified profile and radiant personality. Because his shape reminded us so much of a treasured vintage bear, we added light airbrushing around his paw pads to give Oskar an antique feel. Oskar is a true original -- designed for the true collector in you. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.

Teddy in Mercedes Roadster
EAN 669699

Two great German brands, one fabulous collectible! Behind the wheel of this sporty 1936 Mercedes roadster, you’ll find a tiny 4" Steiff Teddy wearing a dashing racing scarf. Naturally, the Teddy is made of finest mohair and the scale model automobile is of the highest quality – befitting the impeccable reputations of these two legendary German companies. This unique set represents a delightful change of pace something excitingly new and different for your collection. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.

Frosty Bear
EAN 669743

Our gorgeous cinnamon-colored musical Frosty Teddy is 11" and ready to put on a show with his miniature snowman hand puppet. The puppet is based on a highly collectible version from the 1950’s. The Teddy is an all-new design with a music box that plays the classic holiday song “Frosty the Snowman.” Together, this combination of old and new adds up to a wonderful christmas decoration for you and your family. Part of the 2007 Steiff North American Collection.