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Lampe Berger c'est dans l'air.....et ca change tout!

Lampe Berger is in the Air....
.and that changes Everything!

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Lampe Berger Parfum Oils
Parfum de Maison

500 ml bottle $24.00 each
Selected Parfum comes in 1L bottle $40.00 each

2009 New Release
Lilac Blossom

Parfum de Maison 500ml
SKU 315006

The tender contrast between a garden which receives plenty of sun and the rain: the gentle balance between the natural freshness of morning dew and the delicate touch of a wisp of lilac. - Top notes, blackcurrant and lilac leaf bring it a natural, soft touch, - Middle notes, the lilac flower blends with violet and pink, - Base notes, jasmine and white musks give it persistence and sensuousness.

2009 New Release
Mystery Patchouli

Parfums de maison 500ml
SKU 315047

AN ELEGANT AND WARM FRAGRANCE - A sugary and sweet start note (evocative of Turkish Delight) - A wooded, sensual top note (Patchouli) - Warmed by a warm and mysterious base note (warm amber notes combined with the sweetness of vanilla balm) // - A very subtle and modern composition with not overly insistent patchouli. A cocooning atmosphere, a real invitation to comfort and well-being.

2009 New Release
Summer Night

Parfum de Maison 500ml - Composition : Parfums, aqua, isopropyl alcohol
SKU 315052

"Ocean Breeze" Scent

2009 New Release
Summer Rain

Parfum de Maison 500ml - Composition : Parfums, aqua, isopropyl alcohol
SKU 315048

Almond Pear
The coming together of two perfectly complementary notes of sweet almonds whirling around juicy pears

Amber Powder (Amber)
This tranquilizing scent is relaxing and sensual and is said to prevent aging with a light pine aroma.

Blends well with Green Apple, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Exotique.

Atlantic Tide
Soothing, light scent. Creates a romantic atmosphere, enchanting encounter of the ocean, very calming.

Blends well with Tangerine, Coconut, Green Apple, Vanilla and Lemon.

Effect: Improves memory, rapid revitalization and soothing.

Description: Like the splash of an ocean wave brushing against the face, this fresh fragrance is soothing by its notes of sandalwood, cedar and pathouli.
Chocolate Indulgence
This new fragrance sends out waves of scent, delicately wrapping you in a trail of carmel and notes of roasted cocoa beans, before bathing you in hot milk.
Crème Brulee
Rich and sweet, a decadent dessert without crashing your diet. This releases a smell like no other, both subtle and sensual: the sweetness of the slowly simmered milk, the fruitness of the vanilla, the luxurious sugariness of the caramel along with the slight bitterness of almond.
Fresh Blackberry
This medium bodied fragrance is believed to be an appetite booster.

Blends well with Vanilla, Green Apple, Lemon and New Orleans.
Fresh Eucalyptus
Enjoy the timeless smell of eucalyptus as if it was freshly cut. This scent is amazing and and gives your room or house a wonderfully natural aroma.
Fresh Linen
Enjoy the scent of freshly washed linen hanging in a gentle breeze.
Grapefruit Passion
A blend of fresh and juicy grapefruit slices and zesty layers of a citrus complex, this fragrance exudes all the savor of the natural fruit and the vivid yellow of exotic citrus groves.
Green Apple
This All-American favorite smells as crisp and clean as a fresh peeled Granny Smith Apple. Blends well with all fragrances.
Green Tea
Green Tea has a very fresh, lively note and natural herbal essences.

Effect: Great for your mind, body and spirit.
Kiwi Strawberry
Juicy and acidic fragrance, Strawberry Kiwi gives off the green crisp effect of a strawberry leaf on top. The middle note mixes the sunny taste of Garriguette strawberry with the kiwi acidity, while the base combines the sweetness of yellow kiwi and strawberry jam.
Lavender Fields (Lavender)
Beautifully scented Lavender sachets! Said to ease aggitation and lower blood pressure.
Blends well with Vanilla, Cinnamon, Laurier Rose and Tangerine.

Effect: Great for stress and tension reduction
Lemon Flower
Very clean refreshing smell of fresh squeezed lemons a with a hint of sweetness.
Lily of the Valley
The sudden rush of a delectable green note, like the early morning scent of a fresh sprig of lily of the valley.

Neutral (Unscented)
No fragrance. Can be used alone or add it to other fragrances to reduce the scent. Will eliminate all odors and purify your air with no fragrance. Blends with all fragrances.
New Orleans
This mystical favorite is said to be calming and sensual. The subtle blend of Apples and Cinnamon is sure to please. Blends well with Sweet Pear, Vanilla, Tangerine and Exotique.

Ocean Breeze
Balmy, Breezy nights, this clean fresh fragrance is sure to please. There is also a touch of fruity cocktail blended with a fresh scent of grapefruit.

Blends well with Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon and Coconut.

Effect: Said to soothe and clear the mind. Eases agitation.

Orange Cinnamon (Holiday Spice)
Citrus freshness accentuates the harmonious blend of spices and candied fruit. The intensity of this mixture finds its tenacity in a base note blending the purity of white musk with the softness of amber and sandalwood.
Rosebay (Laurier Rose)
This very delicate scent brings you back to Grandmother's rose garden! Romantic and sensual. Blends well with Green Apple, Tangerine, Vanilla and Lemon.
Royal Jasmine (Jasmine Rose)
Rich, strong aroma of wild Jasmine with a hint of garden roses. A very feminine, clean scent. Blends well with Vanilla, Patchouli, Green Apple and Tangerine.
Southern Vanilla (Vanilla)
This very popular, old time favorite remains a Top Seller! Fresh ground Vanilla beans! Blends well with all fragrances.
Sweet Pear
Delicate, sweet aromas of fresh garden pears. Blends well with Tangerine, Vanilla, New Orleans, Exotique and Green Apple.
Under the Fig Tree
Throught its delicate and sweet notes Lampe Berger captures the essence of this fruit native to the Mediterranean region.
Vanilla #3
Our perfumed insect repellent with maximum effectiveness, even with the windows open!
Delightfully delicate musky aroma that is both sweet and pungent. Long awaited replacement of Sandalwood. Blends well with Patchouli, Tangerine, Vanilla, Caramel, Jasmine& Rose and Green Apple.

Wonder of Nepal

Top Note: Sandalwood takes on a floral scent
Middle and base note: Cedar joins the sandalwood to give it richness and complexity.

By The Fireside

Top Note: Cinnamon and nutmeg spice
Middle Note: Pine and cedar woody note
Base Note: Oak moss

Lampe Berger Exceptional Dreams Fragrances
500 ml bottle $30.00 each


A whispering silhouette of flowers and fruit, the powdery sensuality of musk…complex and feminine.

A colorful blend of voluptuous roses, roguish spices and generous woods, filled with boldness.

An intoxicating voyage through sandalwood and spices to reach the enigma of masculine style.

The dazzling fragrance of magnolia with lily-of-the-valley and iris in a whirl of musk.

Tranquil pools reflect the stormy purple of lilac and rose, tempered with the sweetness of iris.



A bouquet full of paradox: lavender and orange overlaid with the languor of the woods and white musk.

A walk among the Seville orange groves kissed by the Tuscan sun, in the shade of the rosemary and star anise bushes.
Warm Woody